BBC News (22/10/18), live television interview on Impact with Yalda Hakim. By Nithya Natarajan and Laurie Parsons.

ABC Australia (16/10/18), live television interview. By Laurie Parsons.

Press (22/10/18) Modern slavery and climate change are in a vicious cycle of degradation, according to experts. By Charlotte Anscombe.

Phnom Penh Post (19/10/18) Ministry to probe child labour. By Mech Dara. *Response letter to the Cambodian Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (20/10/2018)

The Guardian (18/10/18) How climate change forces farmers into slavery in Cambodia’s brick kilns – in pictures. By Hannah Summers and Thomas Cristofelleti.

Phnom Penh Post (18/10/18) Trapped in debt bondage. By Mech Dara.

Construction (17/10/18) Blood-bricks: Booming construction in Cambodia built on modern day slavery. By Cambodia Construction Association.

Fifth Estate (17/10/18) Oxygen files – Thatcher, US data, fracking, Ningaloo Reef and blood bricks.

BoingBoing (17/10/18) Slaves - including children - make the bricks for Cambodia's housing bubble.

Al Jazeera (16/10/18) Cambodia's high-rises, slavery and climate change. By Marta Kazstelan and Kanika Chhit.

ABC News (16/10/18) 'Blood bricks': How climate change is trapping Cambodians in modern slavery. By Holly Robertson.

Thompson Reuters Foundation (16/10/18) Cambodian construction boom built on ‘blood bricks’ and slavery: report. By Jared Ferrie.

ASEAN Economist (16/10/18) Study exposes Cambodia’s brick ‘slaves’. By Taylor Macdonald. (16/10/18) Poor exploited in Cambodia building boom. By Jared Ferrie.

The South China Morning Post (16/10/18) Cambodia’s construction industry is booming – but its built on ‘blood bricks’ and modern slavery. Thompson Reuters Foundation.

The Taipei Times (16/10/18) Cambodia boom driven by ‘modern-day’ slavery. Thompson Reuters Foundation.

The Straights Times (16/10/18) Cambodia construction boom built on 'blood bricks' and slavery: Report. Thompson Reuters Foundation.

Malay Mail (16/10/18) Cambodia construction boom built on ‘blood bricks’ and slavery, report reveals.

Sight Magazine (16/10/18) Cambodia construction boom built on "blood bricks" and slavery - report. By Jared Ferrie.


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